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My #parkrun Journey

This year's running targets are:

  • To complete my 100th volunteer stint and get my 100 Volunteer T-shirt
  • To complete the 2022 Watchtree 5k Trail Series
  • To complete the Carlisle 5k Series
  • To run a 10k race every month of the year
  • To achieve ‘Single-Ton' badge (100 parkruns at the same location)
  • To achieve ‘Jetsetter' badge (parkruns in 5 different countries – hoping for The Netherlands & Isle of Man)
  • To run a double parkrun on German Unity Day
  • To run the Glasgow Great Scottish Run 10k

Ongoing Stretch Goals:

Run 5k in 25:55 or faster (the time I ran that distance in 2002 at age 37)

Run 10k in 51:41 or faster (the time I ran that distance in 2002 at age 37)

My parkrun tourism 2023 aspirations:

Whitehaven, Rothay Park, Rotterdam, Millom, Nobles (Isle of Man) and more [TBC] 🙂


128 – Saturday 14th January at [TBC]:

129 – Saturday 21st January at [TBC]:

130 – Saturday 28th January at [TBC]:

More about parkrun

Want to find out more about parkrun? Check out Jessica's parkrun heroes: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLoeMsRMBXw6tSLMOaz-V6Vk8bOl_gI3rb

Average 5k run times: https://www.runnersworld.com/uk/news/a27814981/average-5k-10k-time-uk/

Five ways to improve your 5k run time: https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2019/jun/23/five-ways-to-improve-your-5km-run-time

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